Research and Development for Theory and Practice

Research and development at the University of Applied Sciences in Special Needs Education Zurich (HfH) contributes greatly to the understanding and innovative study of issues in special needs education, to professionalization of practice, and to development of the discipline. The goal is to pave the way for people with disabilities or impairments to have self-determined lives full of social participation and better quality of life.

The focus is on conditions of life and development of persons with special education needs and on their environment against the backdrop of social change. In application-oriented research and development projects, the HfH analyses current and future issues in practice and the profession. The university attaches great importance to scientific quality and utilizes innovative research methods.

The professionals/experts at HfH work in close exchange with the people concerned and with partners in the world of practice. The HfH collaborates with universities in Switzerland and other countries and is well connected and recognized.

Newly gained, practically relevant knowledge flows continuously into HfH education and continuing education and into the individually customized service offerings of the HfH. With this, the HfH makes an important contribution for further development of practice and for an inclusive society.

Institutes and research focuses

Research and development work is conducted at the HfH at five thematic institutes:

  1. Institute for Special Learning Needs
  2. Institute for Educational Support for Behaviour, Social-Emotional, and Psychomotor Development
  3. Institute for Disabilities and Participation
  4. Institute for Language and Communication Special Needs
  5. Institut for Professionalization and System Development


Prof. Dr. Peter Klaver

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Center for Research and Development
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