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Alternative and Intensive Care for Severely Disabled Persons

Background and aims

On the basis of the recent continually increasing need for care at the Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte in Lucerne (SSBL) (Foundation for the Severely Disabled), the project is aimed at determining the quantity and quality of the current care situation at the SSBL. This situation is reviewed with a view to ascertaining whether it corresponds with the current needs of the occupants and where, if at all, discrepancies and need for action occur. Suspected changes in recent years (changing clientele, for example more psychiatric patients, changing needs owing to old age structures etc.) and corresponding changes of needs were examined. This was done with a view to a future orientation of the SSBL's services and to an institutional development under the NFA.


The objective can be divided into three parts: 

  • Current service provision
    What services – differentiated according to various theme areas (e.g. social, mobility nutrition) – are provided for today's inhabitants? What is the state of the current composition of the inhabitant groups ,and what are the criteria for the formation of groups?
    Are there any specific profiles of the different locations/residential groups? What are the available resources in terms of staff and infrastructure?
  • Need for services
    What services are necessary in view of the needs of the occupants for adequate care, and what is additionally desirable?
    How wide is the range of support needed by the occupants?
    Are there any types of groups of occupants needing similar support?
    What resources (staff, infrastructure) are necessary?
  • Evaluation and assessment
    Where is there a need for action on the basis of the above findings?
    What changes should be given priority?
    How can optimisation be achieved?


The focal point of the study is a random survey among 100 occupants of the SSBL. The selected methodical procedures are the following: analysis of the documentation about occupants, semi-structured interviews with care givers, observation of everyday situations (with 50 persons) comparative analysis (innovative principles in literature and practice).



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