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Consultation Analysis

Background and aims

Consultation Analysis of the Special Needs Education Concept for Canton Zurich

The «Special Needs Education Concept for Canton Zurich» consultation took place between November 24, 2009 and March 31, 2010. The concept detailed the themes, organisation and financial arrangement of special needs provisions for children and adolescents with special educational needs from birth until the end of their 20th year. The scope of the regulatory provisions was encompassed in a complex consultation draft consisting of more than 50 pages. 260 consultation partners responded to the draft with circa 1500 standard pages of free text (the consultation avoided asking questions).

A neutral, validated treatment of the consultation replies using analysis software was the aim of this project.


This was a three-phase project:

  1. Choice of analysis software: MAXQDA 10 was chosen after testing 8 CAQDAS software packets.
  2. Electronic acquisition of consultation replies: all replies received were recorded in PDF format.
  3. Content analysis: the consultation replies were divided into 13 groups for processing. All replies were coded by a team of four people using an extensive category system, which allowed the systematic assignment of text passages to relevant criteria. The two-person integrity principle was applied and the whole process was overseen by a steering committee. All codes were re-tested for the final documentation with the specific aim of consolidating them for graphic presentation where required. This guaranteed the utmost transparency and validity in exchange for an acceptable degree of effort.


The results of this treatment contributed to the final consultation report.



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