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Development of a Psychomotoric Screening

Background and aims

The project "Development of a Psychomotoric Screening" proposes the development of a preliminary psychomotoric assessment for use on private school pupils.


First and foremost, this preliminary assessment procedure is aimed at discovering whether a more detailed psychomotoric assessment is necessary.  


This preliminary assessment will consist of the following parts:

  1. A preliminary talk with parents
  2. A contact phase with the child to include a psychomotoric screening developed using known tests and procedures
  3. Analysis
  4. A concluding parent discussion

In the screening part, the preliminary assessment procedure contains a screening task construction kit made up of subtests and tasks taken from well-known procedures, chosen for their high-level criteria and high analytical qualities. The procedure is divided into a fixed component, the implementation of which is always recommended, and an optional element, which is implemented facultatively depending, for example, on the individual case or on the availability of advance information.

In this immensely dynamic field of work, currently undergoing radical change due to the introduction of new statutory laws, the greatest challenge of this order was to create suitable interconnections between developments in the area of special needs education and this unique commission, which deals with a highly specialised sector of psychomotoric work. Paramount was the development of a procedure that could detect a need for psychomotoric support in pupils from private schools, which would compare equivalently to the procedure currently used on pupils in state schools. Consequently, elements of the cooperative assessment meeting, which is obligatory in the canton of Zurich for use in state schools to determine whether special needs education is necessary, have been incorporated. This results in the documents of this preliminary assessment procedure being highly compatible with documents from the cooperative assessment meeting. 


The results of the preliminary assessment will be documented in a specially developed cooperative assessment meeting and ICF compatible preparatory form for use at the parent discussion.



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