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Evaluation: IV On-the-job Trainees in Vocational Schools/Working Environments

Background and aims

In the area of therapeutic horse-riding, for over 10 years there has existed a BBT on-the-job traineeship "Pferdewart" ("horse carer"). For young people who are unable to take advantage of this training, there is the possibility of a practical traineeship, the IV traineeship, which is organised on a private basis. Its status on the work market is unclear and may differ considerably.
Efforts are being made to replace the aforementioned training by new kinds of training in the near future. Especially with regard to the planned "horse carer" certified training, important preliminary work with this project is of the essence. Within the framework of an innovative project, IV on-the-job trainees have been attending a regular vocational school (Strickhof)  since autumn 2005 for the first time. Among other things, this is intended to promote integration in the world of work. The project and its aims are now to be reviewed by external evaluators.


In particular, interest is focused on the innovative elements that have been made possible for the first time at the BBT vocational school. The aim here is first of all a detailed description of the organisation, design and possible effects, followed by observation of critical elements in the sense of chances and risks of the implementation.   


The evaluation includes all persons affected by the innovation project. These are: pupils, teachers, school administrators, vocational trainers and further categories (IV vocational advisory services, vocational education authorities etc.). Within the framework of the formative evaluation, the main focus falls on the experience of the teachers and pupils, who will be further questioned at a later date.


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