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Global Concept Vocational Education Case Management for the Canton of Zurich

Background and aims

Educational political awareness has increased in recent years as a result of the problems faced by adolescents and young adults in accessing vocational education and entering the employment market. The OPET, the EDK and numerous cantons have intensified their efforts and developed new concepts and measures in order to ease the transition from obligatory schooling to working life and to lower the proportion of non-starters, dropouts and quitters. "Case Management Vocational Education" is one such concept launched by the OPET in November 2006.

Case Management can be paraphrased as a structured procedure to insure adequate measures for adolescents whose access into working life is severely compromised. It provides coordination for the parties involved across institutional and professional borders and for the duration of vocational decision-making and basic training.


The OPET has called upon every canton to submit a global concept for their respective canton. These are to provide a basis for the financing of concrete projects. The global concepts are to contain the following elements:                           

  • Inventory of existing measures
  • List of possible and potential parties
  • Description of collaboration and coordination
  • Description of criteria to evaluate risk groups
  • Description of process identification, ascertainment, continual observation (tracking) and accompaniment (coaching) of risk groups
  • Requirement specifications for coaches
  • Enumeration of canton-specific problems
  • Description of procedures in the case of problems
  • Brief description and time plan for the application of measures


There are many preparations and numerous projects currently underway in the canton of Zurich containing essential elements of a potential case management. Together with a project group consisting of several departments and directorates, the HfH has developed a global concept custom made for the canton of Zurich. This contains the above-mentioned elements.


The global concept was presented to and accepted by the OPET. It has been published on and can be downloaded from the homepage of the Swiss Conference of Departments of Vocational Training SBBK/CSFP


  • Haefeli, K. (2007). Case Management Berufsbildung (CM BB) Gesamtkonzept für den Kanton Zürich. Bildungsdirektion des Kantons Zürich.



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