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Introduction of Certified Education and Support in the Cantons BS and BL

Background and aims

Through the new vocational training act (Berufsbildungesetz bBBN), which came into force in 2004, on-the-job training – two years vocational training for weaker performers who are nevertheless quite practically talented and for whom basic training with a federal proficiency certificate (eidgenössischer Fähigkeitsausweis EFZ) is inadequate – was replaced by two years basic vocational training with a federal professional certificate (Eidgenössisches Berufsattest EBA). Since the requirements in basic professional training have become more complex,  the legislators established proficient individual support (fiB) for the support of pupils with learning difficulties in the ruling on vocational training (BBV).


The evaluation is intended to examine – within the framework of quality control – the two years basic vocational training with EBA, which began in the summer of 2005 in the gastronomy and retail trades (from 2006 also carpentry and domestic science) in the cantons of Basel Stadt and Basel Landschaft. The focus is on professional  individual support.


All groups of persons affected by fiB are included in the project. On the basis of the examination design, the evaluation can be divided into two parts. The first, "quantitative" part provides a global view of the two years basic vocational training for all persons affected by fiB (approx. 200 pupils, 40 in-house vocational trainers, and 5 supervisors) at different checking times. In the second, "qualitative" part, the course of the individual training of young people is examined in eight case studies, once again from the point of view of the participating groups.


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