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Movement-based prevention programme for educational support for social-emotional skills (Pilot project)

Background and aims

The better developed a child’s social-emotional skills, the lower the probability that the child will show behaviour problems in the school years. With the aid of social-emotional learning programmes, skills such as expressing and regulating emotions or empathy for others can be taught in a targeted way. The research project team has developed a programme that is based on the playful movement programmes approach. This support programme will now be put to the test.

The pilot project will examine the extent to which the newly developed support programme is practicable in the schools and investigate with what instruments the effects of the programme on the children can be measured.


We will recruit 3-4 intervention classes in Grade 1 or Grade 2 and conduct and evaluate the programme over a period of 10 weeks (1 lesson per week). To evaluate a suitable measuring instrument, we will in addition have a control group. To collect information on behavioural difficulties, classroom teachers will assess the social-emotional skills of the total sample of children by means of a standardized questionnaire (SDQ-German) before and after implementation of the programme.



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