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Programme Evaluation of the "Lehrstellenbeschluss 2"

Background and aims

The aim of the LSB2-ZH programme for 2000-2004 was to improve the vocational training options in terms of both quality and quantity. The programme has three main aspects:

  • future orientation of existing and the development of new forms of education and training in expanding sectors (e.g. high-tech sectors, services sector, information vocations)
  • optimisation of the starting options in vocational education, in particular for persons who are interested in education despite their disadvantageous preconditions, and
  • improvement of the transparency between basic education and further education.


Over 80 projects have been carried out, and around 10 million Swiss francs-worth of LSB2 money used.
In a programme evaluation, the achievement of objectives and further aspects were checked. For the analysis, the approximately 70 available Zurich project inputs and closing reports were evaluated. The national overall evaluation and in-depth studies were also included and analysed from Zurich's point of view. An LSB2 "securing of evidence" was carried out with the protagonists of Zurich vocational training (ten discussion groups with 36 persons). In addition, discussions were held with the committee of specialists and the programme directorate of the LSB2-ZH. These different sources of data were compared with one another and conclusions drawn. They refer to the Zurich LSB2 programme and its objectives, to the programme organisation, and to specific elements of the programme.


  • Häfeli, K., Kammermann, M., Rüesch, P. & Seewald, Ch. (2005, im Druck). Der LSB2-ZH aus der Sicht der Evaluation. In: Schucan, L. (Hrgb.). Der Lehrstellenbeschluss 2 im Kanton Zürich. Schlussbroschüre. Zürich: MBA.
  • Häfeli, K., Kammermann, M., Rüesch, P. & Seewald, Ch. (2005). Evaluation Gesamtprogramm LSB2-ZH (Lehrstellenbeschluss 2, Zürich) . Bericht zuhanden der Programmleitung LSB2-ZH, MBA des Kantons Zürich. Zürich: Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik.



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