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Scope of Activities in the Collaboration between Teachers

Background and aims

The cantonal concepts for special needs education in Switzerland are implemented since 2011. New: Integrated education is preferred over educational separation. This affects the collaboration between regular school teachers (RLP) and remedial teachers (SHP). No studies with a focus on the creation of the scope of activities in collaboration between RLP and SHP in integrated education are available yet for the German-speaking regions. Moreover, details on the practical content of the teachers' collaboration and activities are missing. The study identifies joint scopes of activities of RLP and SHP and examines to what extent autonomy is possible within this collaboration and how this autonomy is created.


In a first step and based on expert interviews (HfH teachers and HfH services staff) characteristic «triggers» leading to a collaboration between regular school teachers and remedial teachers in integrative settings are defined. By means of group discussions (SHP and RLP) and document analysis the common scopes of activities (action, decision and creativity) are summed up for each «trigger». A product in form of a tool, supporting the collaboration between RLP and SHP, is to be developed for each «trigger». In a third step, the tools are validated in practice. A written survey by SHP and RLP is in the planning.


The desired product is a tool sensitizing and instructing the RLP and SHP on aspects regarding joint scopes of activities. The study is designed to particularly cover the autonomy aspect within the collaboration between teachers and to offer the corresponding support.

One outcome was the generation of KoKa cooperation cards. They are now being revised to reflect feedback from teachers.






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