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Vocational and Social Integration of Young Hearing-Impaired and Deaf Adults

Background and aims

This project examines the vocational and social situation of young deaf and hard of hearing adults.


To what extent can this group participate in vocational and social hearing life? What do the members of these groups feel like? Which personal or institutional factors promote or impede the integration process? This project works out an understanding of working and living conditions coping strategies.


The assessment is divided in two data collections:

  1. a quantitative questionnaire sent to 20 to 35 year old deaf and hard of hearing people (n=278), and 
  2. qualitative interviews.

These data give us an inner perspective on self-awareness and description of the situation. This view is complemented by an outside perspective (perception of working colleagues and of private friends). Conclusions and recommendations will be drawn from the results for various target groups (including deaf and hard of hearing people, schools for hearing-impaired persons, specific support facilities for deaf and hard of hearing children and adults and the hearing majority). A first interim report is available at the link (Zusammenfassender Zwischenbericht; only in german).


Synthesis, report and conclusions on theoretical and practical level will be presented at an open congress the 24th of November 2006.


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Project Management

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Fachliche Beratung: Emanuela Wertli, Prof. lic. phil. I


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