Research and Development for Theory and Practice

We are one of the few Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland that places the focus of its research on the issues of special needs education. This means that we work on research assignments on all questions relating to special needs education and try to close any gaps by means of our own studies. A better understanding of the different areas of life – such as learning, working, daily living, recreation – is aimed at safeguarding and improving the quality of life of people with special needs. By means of specific research work, we develop and ensure a high level of professionalisation.

The emphasis of the research and development activities of the HfH falls on five institutes:

  1. Institute for Special Learning Needs
  2. Institute for Educational Support for Behaviour, Social-Emotional, and Psychomotor Development
  3. Institute for Disabilities and Participation
  4. Institute for Language and Communication Special Needs
  5. Institut for Professionalization and System Development


Prof. Dr. Martin Venetz

Leiter Zentrum Forschung und Entwicklung


HfH Research
Tel: +41 44 317 11 81
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