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Inclusive Education and Special Needs Educational Governance in Europe

Background and aims

European political debate and studies from international organizations have identified inclusive education as one of the tools to improve quality and equity in education and to ensure more inclusive societies. There is a general understanding that inclusive education systems cost less to implement and maintain than special education models. But the empirical evidence concerning the advantages and disadvantages of inclusive education is still inconsistent. Understanding these issues is important when developing educational systems and their governance.

The capacity to implement inclusive education depends on the ability of governance mechanisms to permit effective collaboration among stakeholders and to foster strategic behaviours, as well as monitoring and accountability issues.

Collaborative, interdisciplinary and comparative European research is needed on inclusive education, special needs educational governance and economics. An international scientific exchange will be conducted with two perspectives:

  1. to share experiences and compare what is effective education and special needs education
  2. to discuss and compare special educational systems in different European countries


The first two days involved public lectures and roundtable presentations of the participants’ research to date, followed by discussions about perceived gaps in knowledge and the methodological, practical and ethical issues. The third day focused on the identification of research priorities using Nominal Group Technique (NGT) methodology.


The proceedings and ways to effective inclusive education and further inclusive society are core issues and were critically discussed. As a result, international collaboration and networking within key experts in the field of special needs educational governance and inclusive education has been strengthened. Foundations have been led to develop a European research project on international comparative analysis on inclusive education, governance and finances, which delivers foundations on effective and efficient special needs educational governance and inclusive education.




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