Promoting Inclusion and Equity within a National Education Service: Barriers and Opportunities

Tuesday 22nd October

Emeritus professor Mel Ainscow UK will have the opening lecture at 22nd of October in Aula 300 at 5pm – 6.30pm. Professor Ainscow comes from University of Manchester, and he is also a co-director of the Centre for Equity in Education, and specialist advisor to the House of Commons Education Committee. Professor Ainscow has specialized in the areas of equity, inclusion and school improvement. At 23rd and 24th of October there are public lectures presenting several different European countries and followed by roundtable discussion. At Friday 25th conference continues with a specific course which is aimed to students and covers the topics of scientific exchange.

Wednesday 23rd October

  • Monika T. Wicki, Prof. Dr. phil. (Switzerland): «Special Needs Educational Governance in Switzerland»
  • Minna Törmänen, Prof. Dr. (Finland & Switzerland): «Inclusive Education in Finland»
  • Kuno Schedler, Prof. Dr., and PhD Student Nadia Hafner (Switzerland): «Special Needs Educational Governance in the Kanton St. Gallen»
  • Christian Maroy, Prof. (Canada/Belgium): «Inclusive Education and Performance-Based Accountability: Legitimation and Pressure»
  • Jon Iversen, Dr. (Norway): «Special Education in Norway – Effects, Governance and Educational Reforms»
  • Heidrun Demo, Dr. (Italy): «Inclusive School Systems: Italian and Norwegian Experiences»
  • Tobias Buchner, Prof. (Austria): «Policies in Inclusive Education for Students in Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Poland»

Thursday 24th October 2019

  • Katharina Maag-Merki, Prof. Dr. (Switzerland): «Theory and Praxis of Educational Systems in Switzerland»
  • Fabian Dietrich, Prof. (Germany): «Reconstructive Governance Analysis on Effectiveness and Efficiency of Inclusive Education»
  • Alice Imola, Dr. (Italy) and Stefan Meyer, lic. phil. (Switzerland): «Aspects de qualité de la education inclusive»
  • Stefanie Kraehmer, Prof. (Germany): «Organizational Development and Inclusion»

Project leaders Minna Törmänen, Prof. Dr. Link Mitarbeiterübersicht Minna Törmänen, Monika T. Wicki, Prof. Dr. phil. Link Mitarbeiterübersicht Monika T. Wicki
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